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Gustav Klimt: Landscapes

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Now in flexi-duvet, this visually shocking selection of Klimt’s panorama art work brings to gentle a lesser-identified aspect of the Viennese painter’s oeuvre. Whilst Klimt is in large part respected for his opulent, image-encumbered images of the Viennese bourgeoisie, those works had been only one aspect of his inventive expression. His landscapes constitute the most important aspect of his occupation and are a useful contribution to the college of Eu nature portray. For a few years the artist travelled to the Austrian and Italian geographical region right through the summer time, the place he took benefit of the peculiar gentle and impressive colors to color and cartoon landscapes. A number of the so much beautiful of Klimt’s landscapes are the ones through which he experimented with composition and magnificence. Followed by way of scholarly essays, the pictures reproduced on this e book contain all extant landscapes from this sensible artist, proving that his mastery extends past portraiture and revealing topics that seemed all the way through his existence’s paintings.

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Christian Huemer, Peter Peer, Verena Perlhefter, Carl E. Schorske, Erhard Stöbe, Anselm Wagner, Stephan Koja


Hardcover, Paperback


Koja, Stephan (EDT)/ Huemer, Christian (CON)/ Peer, Peter (CON)/ Perlhefter, Verena (CON)/ Schorske,


9783791326771, 9783791337173

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9783791326771, 9783791337173


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214 colour, 70 black & white illustratio

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214 colour, 70 black & white illustratio

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2002-06, 2007-01-25


Prestel, Prestel USA

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Prestel, Prestel USA


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