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Gustav Klimt THE KISS Value Acrylic Painting Kit 11 x 14


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Finished painting will look like a Klimt, not a paint by number.
Genuine artist’s ground with preprinted accurate line drawing.
Quality artist’s acrylic paint and brushes.

Product Description

Gustav Klimt’s THE KISS Price Acrylic Painting Kit 11×14. Famous Art Kits are designed in order that ANYONE can paint gorgeous pictures inspired by famous artists- You’re going to be amazed at the results even though you haven’t any painting revel in. All of our kits are attractively packaged and labeled. Our kits are NOT PAINT BY NUMBER kits- but, the completed painting looks identical to our advertising pictures. On this kit the accurate drawing of the scene is all done for you on a real artist’s CANVAS, after which tack mounted onto a work of froth core art board to make it in a position on your frame. The acrylic paints and quality artist brushes are equipped. Among the acrylic colors are premixed- any color mixing is finished right at the picture. The instructions are comprehensive, yet simple to follow. There are NO NUMBERS at the preprinted canvas, as a substitute there are color pictures showing every step of the painting. You’re going to build your painting from the bottom up, one color at a time. Your finished painting will look identical to the advertising picture- now not like a paint by number. These kits will also be painted by beginners if they may be able to follow directions and keep watch over a broom and contain the whole lot you wish to have to complete the painting successfully. You’re going to be if truth be told finding out to color with acrylics. THE KISS is one in all Klimt’s so much transcendent images. Simplest the faces and hands of this couple are visible; all of the rest is superb swirls of gold, as though to specific the lack of self that lovers revel in. A forerunner of Modernism and the Art Deco movements, Klimt’s huge creative influence still resonates in brand new art, decorations and jewellery. Made in the united states by artists for artists! What our customers are pronouncing: The painting from Famous Arts Kits made me feel like a real professional artist. There are detailed instructions and the image is printed, so it is just about unimaginable to reduce to rubble. The outcome was once magnificent!
Finished painting will seem like a Klimt, now not a paint by number.
Genuine artist’s ground with preprinted accurate line drawing.
Quality artist’s acrylic paint and brushes.
Comprehensive instructions with step-by-step color pictures.
Will come with a PERSONALIZED GIFT MESSAGE in any order.