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Schumann: Piano Quartets


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It used to be via disobeying his mothers want for him to review legislation, and thru overdue-night time read throughs along with his buddies of chamber works Through Mozart and Beethoven, amongst others, which led Schumann to start work on his own Piano Quartet in C minor in 1828. Through by no means attending a single legislation lecture and spending many hours on a daily basis practicing and improvising on the piano, he additionally made the acquaintance of the eightyear-old Clara Wieck, the daughter of his piano teacher. Already a keyboard prodigy at that younger age, it used to be via enjoying the subordinate role of accompanying her now his wife on a concert tour in 1842, and returning on my own to Leipzig where he sank right into a deep depression, that he threw himself into the have a look at of the string quartets of Mozart, Beethoven and Haydn, leading to his own Piano Quartet in E flat. The Piano Quartet in C minor shares many characteristics with Schuberts Trio in E flat D929 ( hundred) however manages to keep away from pastiche. Regardless of revealing a few immature compositional tactics, it’s an astonishingly assured work for any individual who had received very little formal musical coaching. Penned 13 years later, the Piano Quartet in E flat used to be written Through a musician now smartly versed within the art of composition, and contours lyrical melody traces, a bustling Scherzo, and a Vivace finale culminating in a few magisterial Bach like passagework. Quartetto Klimt is likely one of the so much fascinating chamber music teams in Italy nowadays, ceaselessly performing in prestigious concert seasons and festivals, each of their home us of a and in a foreign country, and supported Through such prestigious artists as Carlo Maria Giulini, Natalia Gutman and Maurizio Pollini. They make their Good Classics debut with this recording, having prior to now recorded Dvoráks two quartets for piano and strings for the Amadeus mag. This unlock couples two of Schumanns substantial chamber music works: the mature E flat Piano Quartet Op. 47 and the youthful C minor Piano Quartet. Schumanns E flat Piano Quartet is a masterwork in its genre, on a par with the ones Through Mozart and (later) Brahms. The C minor brother is an outpouring of youthful interest on a grand scale, compensating its loss of structural solidity Through ardent impetuosity and boundless energy. Superb efficiency Through the Quartetto Klimt, 4 younger Italians sharing their interest for this nonetheless reasonably neglected chamber music. Recorded in 2009. Booklet accommodates liner notes and artist biographies.

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