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The Cruise Ship Capers: An Art Heist on the High Seas


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A priceless painting by Gustav Klimt vanishes into the briny skinny air and everybody aboard the seven-day Caribbean cruise is a suspect. This mysterious comedy set at the top seas examines the massively other shipboard lives of the top-magnificence passengers who revel in a lido-deck lifetime of luxury and the underprivileged team who are living a secret, sordid, and occasionally Dickensian life beneath deck. The tale temporarily sails out of keep an eye on because it explores the frequently seedy and all the time fast paced global of cruise ship art auctions. Beni Bayani, a Filipino room steward for Festivus Cruise Lines becomes all of a sudden entangled within the crafty art heist after Gunner Crossman, a unusual and crossword-obsessed sleuth, is known as onto the crime scene by Seven Seas Insurance Corporate.

A colourful team is located aboard the cruise ship, together with Madison Brighton, the pretty showgirl who brings her large dreams and complex past out to sea, and who is not willing to accept only a ship mate. She desires a soul mate. However as a substitute of Prince Fascinating she unearths a team of filthy pirates beneath deck. Daniel Fuhrman, a posh thief with unclear motives, is the leader of an eclectic band of burglars who consider it’s their destiny to scouse borrow one in every of Europe’s such a lot valuable artistic endeavors. When the heist is going awry, the thieves are left with the unsettling feeling that they’re those who’ve been bamboozled.

Who will walk the plank? Who will command the helm? Batten down the hatches, pull out your brass recognizing scopes, and practice Madison, Beni, Daniel, and Gunner deep beneath the waterline as they get to the bottom of a mystery that may be a lot more meaningful than apparently from the outside of the ocean.

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