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The Kiss (Original Der Kuss) by Gustav Klimt. Framed Art Print Poster. Custom Made Real Wood Modern Scratched Gold Frame (17 1/8 x 21 1/8)

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High quality print on satin-finish poster paper
Beautiful custom made modern real wood scratched gold frame with premium clear framing glass. Acid free material.
Framed size 17 1/8 x 21 1/8″ (appr.)

Product Description

The Kiss (unique Der Kuss) used to be painted through Gustav Klimt, and is almost definitely his such a lot well-known paintings. He started paintings on it in 1907 and it’s the highpoint of his so-referred to as ‘Golden Duration’. It depicts a pair, in quite a lot of sunglasses of gold and emblems, sharing a kiss towards a bronze background. Two figures are located at the fringe of a flowered escarpment. The person is dressed in neutral coloured rectangles and a crown of vines; the lady wears brightly coloured tangent circles and flowers in her hair. The couple’s embody is enveloped through triangular vining and a veil of concentric circles. While he painted The Kiss Klimt used to be 45 and nonetheless lived at house together with his mom and two unmarried sisters – however at the back of the decent facade he used to be a person with a ferocious sexual urge for food. Klimt fathered a minimum of three illegitimate youngsters and almost definitely many more. He used to be obsessed through ladies and he had a fixation with redheads. It isn’t surprising that the lady in The Kiss has pink hair Professionally framed within the customized made up to date scratched gold wooden body. It is able to be hung. In our retailer, this poster is to be had in quite a lot of different frames.
Top quality print on satin-end poster paper
Gorgeous customized made up to date actual wooden scratched gold body with premium transparent framing glass. Acid loose subject material.
Framed dimension 17 1/8 x 21 1/8″ (appr.)
Totally able to be hung at the wall
Proudly made in the united states

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